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4 Reward Programs I Love!

I'm a sucker for a good Reward Program! I love to earn points and get rewarded for my loyalty to a Restaurant or Store. It's 2021 & thankfully that means pretty much everyone & their mother has a Reward Program for you to join. While I'm a member of countless programs, here are 4 you should be taking advantage of... In no particular order, of course! (Heads up - none of these are Credit Cards!)

  1. Burke's Outlet - More Rewards!

My father would claim this means I'm shopping to much but... It seems like every time I'm checking out at Burke's Outlet I've earned another Reward! Let's get down to the nitty gritty, Here are the perks you've been waiting to hear about:

- 10% off on Mondays: Eeeep. Is Burke's Outlet entirely responsible for my newfound love for Mondays? Possibly! Just remember this deal is only good for In-Store purchases only. Get ya booty off your laptop and grab yourself a shopping cart at Burke's Outlet!

- 15% off Birthday Reward: Because 10% off EVERY Monday just wasn't enough, they treat you extra special during your Birthday Month! Get 15% off on a day of your choosing during your Birthday Month. This one is valid In-Store AND Online!

- Earn $5 off every time you spend $200: If you're anything like me... you'll have one of these waiting for you at every checkout! $200 bucks at Burke's Outlet? You'll come out with 2 shopping carts! (No, actually I have haha)

- Last but not least, and the latest addition to their Program: Earn and Redeem at any of the Bealls Family Stores (Bealls, Burke's, Beall's Outlet & Home Centric - In Store & Online).

2. Blaze Pizza - Blaze Rewards!

If you don't have a Blaze Pizza near you... It may or may not be time to move. I've been a Rewards Member since they first came to Louisville & have redeemed countless FREE Pizza's, Cheese Sticks, Drinks & Desserts! Here are the deets:

- Earn "Flames" every time you make a purchase! To be more specific, $1 = 1 Flame! Once you've reached 30 Flames you can start redeeming (but I recommend holding out).

- Special Offers will be dropped via Email or the App & you can earn "Bonus Flames".

- I can't find an answer to this one online but I don't *think* your flames expire!

3. Target - Target Circle Rewards!

Sometimes you just need a good stroll around Target ya know? While it took them long enough they finally have a Rewards Program that is worth joining in my opinion! Just to clarify again: Nope, It's not a Credit Card. While these perks aren't insane, they add up & I've really enjoyed the program for the last year or so!

- Earn 1%: Sure 1% isn't a ton but let's be real... anything is better than nothing! Plus they've got my Business with or without this program so I'll take what I can get. You'll earn 1% every time you shop online or In-Store & you can apply what you've earned to a future purchase. It takes some time to add up but I recently redeemed $18 in store & I did a little dance while my husband probably did some math! 😂

- Get access to special Deals & Offers

- Birthday Gift: I believe it is 5% off one purchase!

- Every time you shop with Target Circle you earn a vote. You can cast votes to help direct where Target gives in your community.

4. Allegiant Airlines - Allways Rewards!

As Travel slowly but surely comes back, Allegiant chose the perfect time to launch a Rewards Program & I love it. I've already used some of my points to redeem 4 Free Nights lodging in Las Vegas + Flights & a Rental car. Here's what you need to know!

- Travel More = Earn More Rewards!

- Redeem your Rewards whenever you'd like. Apply them towards Flights, Lodging & even a Rental Car!

- No "Black-out" Dates apply!

- Your points CAN expire but only if your account is inactive for more than 24 months.

If you're still reading you must be a Reward Program Junkie too & we're probably meant to be Best Friends! Didn't see your favorite Program? Make sure to let me know. Thanks for reading!



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