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Weight Watchers Friendly Snacks, Sweets & Sips!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

If you told me a year ago I would be writing a Blog Post on Weight Watchers I would be... shocked! Up until April 2021 everything Health/Fitness related seemed out of reach to me. I was never "overweight" but my diet was Unhealthy to say the least. I didn't have any control over my portions & I really had no clue where to start.. *cue the Weight Watchers Reimagined Commercial* and now I'm HOOKED! (If you’re interested in giving WW a try, scroll to the end to get one free month on me!)

Daniel & I started Weight Watchers in April and we have both lost over 40lbs. Yes! 40... freaking... pounds! (Daniel is only 1 pound away from losing 50 pounds - omg!) Sure we are skinnier but the best part is we are happier and have a much healthier relationship with food. I know everyone LOVES to see a good before & after but I didn't really take a "before" picture. I do have plenty of photos from my Instagram & holy moly - there is a big difference!

Through our Journey we have discovered so many delicious Snacks/Sweets/Sips and I have been dying to document them all in one place so let's get started!

Disclaimer: We are on the Weight Watchers Green Plan. I'm not a Health Expert or even a Weight Watchers Expert. These are just the Snacks/Sweets/Sips that have made Weight Watchers so enjoyable for me! If you're on Weight Watchers (or even if you're not) and are curious, I have 30 Daily Smart Points!

I've listed the Smart Points next to the item below but keep in mind that this is per serving. Some Smart Points may be higher based on how much you eat!





- Fiber One Brownies & Soft Baked Bars

- Fiber One Soft Baked Cookies

- Jello Sugar Free Pudding

- Jello Sugar Free Swirls

- Dairy Queen Vanilla Orange Creamsicles

- Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel

- Fat Free Reddi Wip


- Special K Protein Meal Bar

- Babybel Lighy

- Carrots & Spicy Brown Mustard

- Sweet Peppers

- Lettuce & Hummus Wrap

- Baked Goldfish

- Iced Oatmeal Cookie ZBar

- Cheesecake Factory Individual Pumpernickel Bread


- Electric Tie Dye Alani Nu

- Cherry Coke Zero

- Diet Coke

- Nature's Twist Sugar Free Pink Lemonade

- Celsius

- Lemon Blackberry Propel

- Strawberry Kiwi Propel

- Sugar Free Redbull

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